Mobile First

The Importance of Mobile First Design

Did you know that 88% of website visitors will not come back to a website after a bad experience?

Let’s try this, when you open your website on your phone, does it look good as in your desktop? it should.

mobile first web design

See why you need a mobile first web design, Google favorite mobile-first sites, year after year the developers are working to make mobile experience better and better. it will benefit your business with more organic traffic and better rankings.

You will have a cleaning design, it will load what is important only, your website will load faster and direct your visitor to main features.

If you don’t have have a mobile-first website, you are loosing business without it, more than 50% of a website visitors will not recommend a business based on a quality mobile website.

You will loose business, traffic, potential customers because the quality experience on your website.

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